Brentwood Bus & Rail Users Association

Mobile number 07914 369546

Aims and Objectives

  • To make representations on behalf of Brentwood's bus and rail users on the local services that are currently available and to campaign for new services to be developed.

  • To campaign for more investment in local bus and rail services.

  • To have regular dialogue with the local transport providers and Essex County Council.

  • To work with other organisations and individuals to improve and develop local bus and rail services in our area.

A Brief History

The Association was formed following a public meeting arranged by David Kendall at the Old House in Brentwood in October 2005.
David, who was a Borough Councillor at the time, had organised the meeting because he knew many Brentwood's bus and rail users felt very frustrated about the state of the rail and bus services operating in the Borough.
During his time on the Brentwood Borough Council David had chaired the Bus Task Force and had taken a keen interest in local transport issues and spoken to many users.
The meeting attracted over 50 people and out of those a Committee was formed. Mrs Wendy Way was elected as Chairman and David took on the posts of Secretary and Membership Secretary. Trevor Grant was elected as Treasurer.

Since those early days many meetings have been held with First, Essex County Council and railway companies in an effort to improve services.
The Association currently has over 60 individual members. The Association prides itself on being non political. Whilst some members of the association are also members of the three main political parties we also draw our membership from others who have no interest in party politics.

Our committee

Chair and Secretary Cllr David Kendall tel: 07768 667824
Vice Chair David Jobbins
Treasurer Claire Jones
Rail Officer Richard Enever
Bus Officer Claire Jones tel: 07583 171301 email:
Membership Secretary Alison Fulcher
Web Officer Mike Preston
Committee Member Stuart Tucker
Committee Member Margaret Lipscombe
Committee Member

Michael Cotter