Commuter wellbeing survey

Sarah O'Toole has sent a request to Brentwood Bus and Rail Users' Association:

I am a researcher at University College London. I am conducting a study that looks at the impact of commuting to work on people’s wellbeing. I have created an online survey that is open to men and women and asks about the nature of individual’s commutes, how they feel about their commute, and also about commuting while pregnant/willingness to offer a seat to pregnant passengers. 

We  are currently trying to recruit as many people as possible to complete the questionnaire. If you would be able to assist with this in any way by advertising the study link via your networks we would be extremely grateful.

The link to the survey is below. The survey takes about 10 mins to complete and all answers are anonymous and confidential. The study has received ethical approval.

Survey Link:

Thank you for your assistance









Proposals for Brook Street junction with M25

Highways England have carried out consultation about improvements to the Brook Street roundabout and Junction 28 of the M25

The works are due to start in 2021. There have been hold ups on the 498 bus route due to congestion at this roundabout and it is hoped that the proposed works will go some way to alleviate the problem

Information is available from Highways England at: